Pet Dogs and Cats Part Ⅰ : What’s a good cat for beginners and what to consider when getting a cat ?

Pets will add a lot of fun to your life and can give us more companionship. An interesting phenomenon, there is always some debate between people who like to have dogs and people who like to have cats, there is a lot of support and different advice for different preferences, owning a cat and a dog are two different experiences, there are big differences in the personalities of dogs and cats, owning a cat compared to a dog requires more love and patience to be invested in order to get the feedback that cats love, today I’m going to share some questions to consider as a qualified shoveler.

(Ⅰ ) Habits of cats

Cats spend two-thirds of their day sleeping, and when they are not sleeping, they spend about 30% of their time licking fur and 50% of their time instinctively hunting and playing. Different breeds of cats have different personalities, which are also related to their owners’ breeding methods. Most cats are lively, clingy, curious, like to chase prey and like to take risks, although there are some uncertainties of mixed breed genes. Cats also have a great characteristic, that is, a changeable personality, may be hot and cold to the owner, if not leaving.

(II) What breed of cat to choose

(1) Muppet

The Ragdoll is a very docile cat, very friendly to people, like to stick to people, no aggressive cats very suitable for family breeding, if the price comes down a lot in the past two years, how long can you buy a Ragdoll cat with a very good value of 3000, of course, I personally never pursue the concept of breed, as a pet does not pay attention to what rank said, especially the online speculation of folding ears cat.

(2) British Short Blue Cat

Blue cats are easy to fatten up, and their owners used to call them fat blue cats, they feel good to the touch. It is also a good idea to have a good deal of time and money to spend on the project, as well as a good deal of money to spend on the project. The short silver gradient and golden gradient are improved from the mating of the blue cat and the golden kira cat, so choose rationally. The picture below is a long-haired cat, the Golden Kira, which is very clean and likes to be close to people, and is also very petty. This is also a characteristic of long-haired cats.

(3) American Short Cat

The short American cat is gentle, patient, obedient and cute, won’t throw temper tantrums and doesn’t like to make noise, so it is very suitable for families with children.

(4) British short blue and white cat

The British Shorthair is bold and inquisitive, but very gentle and will not throw a tantrum or make a lot of noise. They are very good-natured and clingy, not mischievous and sweet. Short-haired cats are more affectionate to humans than long-haired cats, and are not spoiled. It differs from solid blue cats in that blue and white cats will be smarter.

(5) Maine Cat

The Maine cat because of the size of the cat, but the character is relatively mild, and more intelligent, independent, as a long-haired cat, the slightest bit of pettiness, raise up a lot of peace of mind, flowing hair, long and fluffy tail is also not to be ignored a major cute point, raise up a lot of peace of mind. Maine cats like to play with children, of course, the size of the cat, appetite is also large, is 2-3 times the size of the average cat.

(6) Siamese cats

Clingy should be the characteristics of Siamese cats, curious, active and affectionate, it is easy to get emotional feedback in Siamese, it is one of the few cats that will show its true emotions, it likes to be pampered with its owner and will even please its owner like a dog. Siamese cats are gentle and like to interact with their owners, so if you want your cat to be good and obedient, having a Siamese cat will satisfy your desire. Siamese cats are also jealous, so if you have other pets at home, you should give Siamese a little love and care. The most dog-like cat you can take out is a Siamese cat.

(7) Sphinx Cat

Canadian hairless cats some people think hairless cats look odd, but also with a little bit of evil horror, Game of Thrones inside the White Walkers farsightedness, and not as much attention and love as other cats. They are gentle, lively and intelligent, easy to train, independent, non-aggressive, honest, extremely patient, good tempered, and in some ways they are more like dogs, close to people and loyal to their owners. In some ways they are more like dogs, close to people and loyal to their owners, so there are still groups of people who love hairless cats. And the amount of shedding is almost negligible. Hair loss is a headache for all shovelers.

(8) Exotic short-haired cats

Exotic short-haired cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, including solid, smoke, spotted, two-tone and accent colors, etc. They are habitually called Garfield, paralyzed and dull, slow-moving, not playful, clingy, needing the care of their owners, and may become very withdrawn and unwilling to come into contact with people without careful care. Exotic shorthair cats are also relatively large eaters and may not be as good as other breeds of cats online in face value.

(9) Bengal Leopard Cat

The leopard cat is a very common pet cat, we used to call it a leopard cat, in fact, refers to the breed, the leopard cat does not belong to the easy fat breed, the appearance looks fierce nature is docile, playful and active, energetic, have a strong curiosity about things.

(10) Chinese Garden Cat

Orange Cat
Cows and Black Cats

If you don’t care about the breed, you can choose to adopt a stray cat and give it a warm home, such as a civet, orange cat, calico cat, cow cat, black cat and white cat. Field cats have a high IQ, and are not as delicate as the above breeds. It’s easier to feed them, and due to page content limitations, some of the breeds will not be uploaded, but will be published again when there is a chance to create part 2. Some of the strings are also very good value.

(Ⅲ) Things you need to consider before getting a cat

(1)Cat hair loss, the change of seasons, cats will shed hair, although jerking a cat is a happy thing, but there are people cat starter hair loss problem, some cotton material and wool products can not wear clothes. Cleanliness fetishes should also be considered.

(2) Feeding problems, scientific feeding recommendations is cat food, but after all, industrial food, can understand instant noodles + all kinds of nutritional additives, so there are conditions or homemade food is best, simple boiled chicken breast is also good. Cats are carnivores, so if you don’t have time to make your own cat food, you can buy some canned cat food to improve the situation.

(3) Neutering and vaccination issues, this I think as long as it is not the kind of breeding to make money, most of the owners will be neutered, one is in heat to the cat and the owner are very headaches, to the cat to do neutering, many people say inhumane, in fact, it is not, after neutering to the cat is a lot of benefits. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at a few of the different types of cats and cats that you can find. In addition, many cat owners are bitten by their own cats which have been scratched and bitten by stress, so I don’t think it’s necessary to vaccinate against rabies. Blockbuster, partly for ly reasons, most of the site’s medical staff won’t inform the issue of the harm caused by the vaccine’s adverse effects on the body.

(4) The question of spending, excluding daily consumables, essential items, and long-term selection of consumable items, there is no upper limit to raising rich and poor cats. Daily consumables: cat litter, cat food and canned cat food. Essential consumables: various medicines. Ear cleaning, deworming, body spray, nail clippers, cat grass, cat snacks, cat milk powder, cat toys, long-term consumables: air box, cat shampoo, cat litter box, cat scratching board, cat climbing frame, cat backpack, nutritional paste. Cat dinner table, etc.

(5) Other supplementary questions, students, people with no fixed job, long-term business trips, people with germophobia, people living in public environment, are not recommended to keep cats all the time, it is very easy to have stray cats at a later stage. Of course, there are special cases, there are friends who live in rented houses and have two cats that they have been keeping, and they take them with them wherever they move.

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