Tips for Owning a Pet in the U.S.: What to know about adopting/buying a dog or cat

The young people inside the modern city like to have some pets at home, what cats and dogs and so on, are a lot of young people’s favorite, they treat their pets as a member of their family, care for them, pets can not only bring some fun to the young people’s life, but also with the young people as companions, so that the young people inside the city no longer feel lonely!

Before adopting a pet you need to consider these questions.

  • Are you allergic to pets?
  • Parental acceptance of pets
  • Does having a pet increase financial stress
  • Do international students rent apartments or landlords approve of pets?
  • Will you be responsible for your pet?

Channels to adopt a pet

Animal shelters/homes for stray animals

Do a Google search with these keywords: Animal Shelter, Pet Adoption Service, Humane Society, Pet Resource and you’ll find a number of animals waiting to be adopted.

Private animal shelters/rescue organizations

A Google search with Private Shelter or Pet Resource will bring up groups of Good Samaritans and some non-profit organizations that raise social resources to take care of stray cats and dogs on the streets and help them find new owners.

Petfinder website

Petfinder is a very large platform that has been established for 20 years. On the site owners can search for pets in different regions and find their favorite pet by age, breed, gender, size and other criteria.

Local Adoption EventsAdoption Events

Shelters, both public and private, across the U.S. regularly host Adopt Events, where there is a high chance that adoption fees will be waived.

Pet Supplies Stores

Petco, one of the most famous pet stores in the US, has pets waiting to be adopted, and Petco usually holds adoption events, where pets can also be adopted. PetSmart, a Petco store, also has the same services and activities as Petco.

Private transaction

There are many private channels, such as Craglist, WeChat, Facebook Facebook group, there are often information about taking in animals, if you are interested, you can pay attention to it, just make sure that you want to take in the pet’s pedigree and the issue of documents and information, some sellers are more black-hearted, pedigree impure still sell at a high price.

Adoption process

Fill out the application form

If you see a pet that is meant to be kept and you are sure you want to keep it, you can ask a staff member to fill out an adoption form, which includes contact information such as name, phone number and address, as well as the home, the environment, whether someone is available to care for the pet during daytime hours, and so on. Some strict organizations will send a staff member to conduct a physical inspection of the environment after filling out the form.

Paying the fee

After completing the adoption application form, there will be a short interview to determine eligibility for adoption and finally the payment of the pet’s adoption fee. This fee is the adoption fee, which includes a four-in-one vaccine for distemper, canine hepatitis, flu virus, and rabies. There is also the cost of microchipping the pet. If the pet requires a vasectomy, there is also a separate fee for the vasectomy.

Health Assessment

The staff will ask the veterinarian to check the physical condition of your beloved pet, and after passing the health assessment, you will be allowed to take your pet home. When you return to the counter to check out, you will be given a pet license license, certificate of sterilization, rabies vaccination certificate, and animal insurance documents. The insurance is not mandatory at this point and you can adopt it back to make a decision. However, it is strongly recommended that you keep your pet on the insurance, because the cost of an animal to see a doctor is not small, a time to hundreds of dollars to start, there is an insurance can save a lot of money.

So the necessary process to adopt a pet is to fill out an application form, pay the adoption fee, pass a health assessment by a veterinarian, and get a vaccine certificate.


Pet licenses from shelters are only valid for one month, and if you are not happy with your adopted pet within a month, you have the option of returning it to the shelter. If you want to keep it, you must apply to the adoption agency for a pet license valid for a longer period of time and pay a fee, which can be extended for one or two years at a time.

After renewing your pet license, the staff will ask for your rabies vaccination card. Rabies vaccines need to be taken with your pet on a regular basis, and shelters generally offer either a one-year or three-year supply of the active agent, with the latter recommended as it saves some of the registration fee.

Pets will need careful attention after the vasectomy, especially at night when they will need to sleep with their owners. Remember to reassure your pet and leave a light on for your pet.

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